Dakota and I met in January 2014. We met online and after talking for a while, realized we were both from the same small town in Greenbrier County, West Virginia. We love having that in common and we visit our small hometown often to visit family and enjoy things from our childhoods!
We became girlfriend and boyfriend within 3 days of knowing each other and got engaged in June 2016. In 2018, we had a baby girl, decided to elope in Cozumel, Mexico, and bought a house! We recently had another daughter and we couldn't be happier together as life partners, business partners, and best friends. We never get tired of being a part of our couple's weddings. They remind us of the love we have for each other and how lucky we are to be able to re-experience the magic of wedding ceremonies with our couples.

My love for photography began in a darkroom at a high school in Northern Virginia. The reason I love photography is that it gives us an opportunity to capture beautiful and happy moments of our lives. It gives us a way to remember people, places, and events. It also has the power to move us: to make us laugh, cry, smile. I would consider my style bright and happy with a timeless and romantic feel. I love finding the beauty in details and emotion, that's where a lot of my inspiration comes from.
 I'm still based in the Northern Virginia area, but we cover the entire DMV region and am always willing to travel stateside or internationally! Don't be afraid to ask if you're not local to the DMV!
A few things about me.. I am married to my best friend, I'm a mom to two beautiful baby girls. I'm an easy-going country girl who loves traveling and food. My priority is to connect with my clients and give them an amazing experience!
Thank you for visiting our site and feel free to contact us for any inquiries. 

Growing up, I was always interested in technology. One of my proudest achievements was building my own computer when I was in high school. My interest in computers led me to study Information Technology at George Mason University and eventually begin a career in Software Engineering.
In addition to my passion for technology, I also have an interest in personal finance and business. I took several business courses while in college and have spent a lot of my own time learning about subjects like investing, saving for retirement, filing taxes, marketing, and business accounting. I also have a passion for graphic design and web design. My wife started this business on her own before we were married, but we eventually decided it made sense me become a joint owner.
 Since my skills are primarily in technology and finance, I help with many of the back end operations of the business such as web site administration, maintaining our file server and backup strategy, and business accounting. While I am continuing to learn about photography itself, I still believe everything done behind the scenes are all crucial elements to running a business and together my wife and I make a great technical yet creative team. 



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